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Travel Charges

Travel charges apply for both trials and the wedding day.

10 miles each way are given for both trial and the wedding day but travel charges apply after this.

40p per mile is charged from stylists postcode to location.



If you wish to reserve you date, then a non-refundable payment of £75 is due upon the initial booking. If this deposit is not paid then your date will not be reserved unless stated by Leigh Irving.

The £75 deposit will automatically come off your final payment

All confirmations will be sent only once deposit has been paid.

After the trial has taken place, the bride has then one week to decide whether they are going to go ahead with the wedding. If the bride decides to not go ahead within this week, then the £75 deposit is refundable. If the bride decides to not go ahead outside of this week then the £75 deposit is not refundable.

For bookings made less than 4 weeks before your wedding date then the £75 booking fee is still applicable but the full balance of the wedding day is due to secure booking 48 hours after the trial.



Trial payments must be either paid by bank transfer before arrival of Leigh Irving or by cash on the day.

If the trial is cancelled less that 48 hours before the date then the full trial amount is payable.

Trial can be taken place in the brides location, however travel payment may occur.

Unfortunately no trials are able to take place on weekends at all. Also between the months of April and October, Fridays are also not available due to high demands for weddings on these days.

If you would like a second trial then the full trial payment will occur again.



Final Payments

All final payments are to be paid by BACS.

Cheques and pay pal payments are not acceptable.

All final payments are to be paid by bank transfer no later than 4 weeks before your wedding date.

Failure to pay the balance with the 4 weeks may result in your wedding date to be released.

For booking made less than 4 weeks before the wedding date, all final payments are due 48 hours after the trial. If there is not a trial taking place then the final balance is due upon original booking.

Once confirmation is sent, all final payments prices are final. If my prices change after confirmation is sent then this will not affect your prices.

If any discounts are applied then this will be done at the time of the booking and will be based on the size of the booking. If the size of the booking changes and numbers are reduced then this discount will be taken off and normal prices will be applied.



If the bride wants to cancel the booking for any reason, they must put it in writing within 8 weeks of the wedding date and the final payment will be void. If the bride does not notify Leigh Irving within this time then the full balance will be applicable. All other payments made before this will not be refundable.

The bride is able to cancel a trial at any time but if the trial is canceled less than 48 hours before then the full trial price is due

If these outstanding payments above should not be paid or there is any objections to paying these outstanding payments then Leigh Irving will take legal action to cover any loses.

If for any reason that Leigh Irving has to cancel the booking then she will try to find another professional artist of the same standard to fill your date. If another stylist is not suitable then a full refund will be made to the client.

If Leigh Irving has to cancel due to a circumstance out of her control then she will try her best to rectify the situation but no refund will be offered. Taking out wedding insurance is strongly advisable for this situation.

If any abuse or offensive behavior is directed at Leigh Irving by the bride or any of the bridal party then Leigh Irving has the right to terminate the contract without refund.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, where the MET office issues a red warning, Leigh Irving has the right to cancel without refund.



Leigh Irving must be notified and confirmed by email of any changes, including location, number of clients, times or dates to guarantee 100% availability for the day.

All changes must be confirmed in order to change any costs.

If size of the bridal party changes less than 4 weeks before the wedding day then no refund will be given. The amount confirmed will still be charged.

All discounts will be applied and confirmed after confirmation has been sent but will not be applied if changes are made to booking.

Any changes to trials less than 72 hours before the date booked, if reducing or increasing the number or changing the date or time, Leigh Irving has the right to cancel or re arrange the trial date.


Minimum charges and surcharges

In the busiest months of April through to October, there will be a minimum booking of Bride hair and makeup and one other hair and makeup. If the bride does not want to add any additional people then a charge of £300 will be applied.

For ceremonies that are early or for larger bridal parties that may require an assistant then a charge of £75 per assistant will be applied. This is to ensure that all of the party is completed with plenty of time and to the highest standard possible.



Leigh Irving is not responsible for any time delays that are made beyond her control.

Make sure all members of your bridal party are aware of the timings and stick to the schedule provided. During your time in the chair please refrain from leaving and doing anything else to make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible.

To avoid delay on the day, please make sure everyone has clean, dry hair and when washed refrain from using any heavy conditioners, oils or products.

No refunds or compensations are given if delays are caused by any of the wedding vendors or members of the bridal party. If you suspect that any members of the bridal party are particularly fussy or you think they may cause a issue on the day then I would highly advise to book a trial for the individual.



It is the clients responsibility to let Leigh Irving no of any allergies or sensitivity of the skin that may be affected my any products or beauty tools that Leigh may use during the trial or wedding day.

Leigh Irving will not be held responsible for any reactions that occur if they were not stated before hand.

If there any allergies stated by the client then a patch test or consultation is highly recommended.




Leigh Irving uses photos taken on both trial and wedding days on social media and for marketing uses. If the client is not happy for Leigh Irving to use photos of them for either of these purposes then please do let Leigh no.

If you are not happy to have photos taken then please do make Leigh Irving aware of this.

Professional photos that are sent my the bride to Leigh Irving are used for marketing and website uses, if this is not something you are happy to do so then please make Leigh Irving aware of this.


Public Liability insurance 

Leigh Irving is full insured for up to £1,000,000 by Simply Business.









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